About NSMX

Measuring, Interpreting, Predicting, and Navigating the Future.

Founded in 2011, we’re a premier, transnational ITES group dedicated towards furnishing online market research assistance to diverse organizations globally. Our comprehensive, end-to-end integrated solutions offer our clients actionable competitive advantages, driving assured business success.


NSMX strives to be a leader in what it does by combining a fervor for technology and an intimate understanding of how businesses work.


We love what we do, which is what helps us come up with innovative solutions to conventional problems and drives us to go the extra mile for our customers.


Our team of enthusiastic analysts and subject matter experts are highly proficient in adjusting the capriciousness of digital environment and implementing projects that look as good in reality as on papers.

Our Strength

We are in a habit to work on the perfection that we take every detail seriously and work on micro detailing to deliver the perfection all the time.

Technology Experts

We have the experts who can build complex & customized surveys

Technology Experts

We have the experts who can build complex & customized surveys

Technology Experts

We have the experts who can build complex & customized surveys

Technology Experts

We have the experts who can build complex & customized surveys

Services At A Glance

Online Survey Programming

Online survey programming is an online questionnaire which target audience can complete online.

Data Cleaning & Analysis

Data cleaning & analysis is a crucial part of data analysis, particularly when you collect your own data.

Reports & Presentation

We provide reports to our clients with the level of details as desired by them broad categories.


Quality Testing & Assurance

Quality testing & assurance a valuable process to perform on a whole consumer product is failure testing or stress.


Sampling & Fieldwork Management

Sampling and fieldwork management detailed sampling and profiling capabilities allow us to quickly obtain.

Conjoint Analysis

Conjoint analysis is a popular marketing research technique that marketers used to determine.

Data Collection

Data collection usually takes place early on in an improvement project, and is often formalized.


Custom IT Services

Online serve combines domain expertise and technology skills to deliver efficient & reliable solutions.

Charting & Tabulation

We provide a range of data processing services to deliver the resulting data. save time by outsourcing your data processing.

Technical Project Management

Team can efficiently program, translate and host online surveys of any level of complexity, quickly and professionally.


Innovation Through Technology

Diverse panel of high-quality, highly profiled panelists from around the world, we can quickly obtain the opinions of your target market.

Mobile Survey

NSMX is offering mobile survey on the same state-of-the-art platform used to conduct online surveys, resulting in one integrated solution.



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