Client Services-

As all marketing managers know, the cost of acquiring a new client is considerable and in the world of increasing competition
it is becoming consistently more expensive.

The only solution is “relationship marketing” – also known as client retention marketing or client service.
This functions on the principle that if you can make your clients happy and provide them with legitimate value then
they will become word-of-mouth (WOM) agents for your brand. This provides the mechanisms for new sales to be made without an upfront investment by the company.

Creating Happy Clients

The process of creating happy clients is another story all together and usually requires 5 activities to be completed by the company:

  • Provide a service that the client is looking for.
  • Provide quality which is consistent with the price.
  • Deliver services within the client’s expectations.
  • Deliver the amount of human interaction that the client desires.
  • Ensure relationship is built on trust and honesty.


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