NSMX offers exhaustive internal data processing, cleaning, analysis and open ended coding services.

  • Data preparation includes thoroughly checking the data and inspecting each questionnaire or observation form. Verification ensures that the data from the original questionnaires have been accurately transcribed and meaningful information has been collected. We are able to accommodate imported data from nearly any source (ASCII, Binary, SPSS, Excel, Dimensions). Our centralized data refinement allows us to immaculate, validate and export the sample data for excellent reporting that will allow clients to identify emerging trends.
  • Open ended coding – We know the qualitative aspect of the research. Through Open ended coding services NSMX enable market research organizations to effectively analyse and comprehend customer responses, and draw rich and actionable insights. We leverage a proprietary suite of unique Artificial Intelligence tools to derive and analyse explicit as well as latent information within open-ended customer responses. We have extensive experience in preparing listings, code frames, verbatim typing, verbatim coding, open ended programming of ad-test, product test, and CAPI / CATI studies. Utmost care is taken to create netting or sub headings of the code frame so tables generated has decisive data.

Technologies We Useā€¦

Our highly skilled professionals are proficient in the use of:

  • Quantum
  • SPSS


A Preferred IT Enabled Service Delivery Partner For Global Market Research Clients.