informatix-survey_analysis-reportinginformatix-survey_analysis-reporting Online surveys are a fast, flexible and affordable route into conducting international market research. Our market research methodologists have a deep understanding of the impact questionnaire design has on completion rates, data quality and respondent positive experience. At NSMX, we design, program and host varied online research studies using a range of recognised online survey tools. We offer custom branding, and can handle complex question and routing logic as well as interactive questions, images, audio and visual elements.

We specialize in creating many complex surveys–

  • Multiple choice, scales, matrix, ranking, open, closed
  • Complex skip, piping and branching
  • Complicated Quotas
  • Multi Language Surveys
  • Drag & drop interfaces for rating scales
  • Embedding Flash tools

NSMX is continually evolving and improving survey design techniques that help make surveys more engaging, accessible and enjoyable. Our aim is to make each respondent feel that they must not participate in a survey just for the rewards but more importantly for the valuable experience.

Technologies We Use…

Our creative and experienced team of engineers is proficient in using many survey programming tools, including –

  • Decipher (Beacon)
  • NetMR
  • LUMI
  • Sawtooth

Programming languages employed – MS SQL, ASP, Java, VB Script, DHTML, and Front Page.


A Preferred IT Enabled Service Delivery Partner For Global Market Research Clients.