Request for NDA/Quotation

Requisition for a survey quote is responded within 24 hours. All the requirements, business goals and client insights are analyzed and guarded carefully.


In this phase, the scope of the project and final deliverables are defined to ensure timely delivery of results within the stipulated budget.

New Project Agreement & Initiation

Once all the details are agreed upon, the agreement is signed, new project is started, ideas are brought to life and a dedicated project manager is assigned with backup contacts available 24/7.


We cohere to our client’s side guiding them along the way as a standalone service provider or as part of the full survey cycle.

Survey Programming

The questionnaire is coded, appropriate screening, routing and logic structure is applied. If required, the same is translated into multiple languages.


We strictly follow rigorous testing and validation in all phases of survey to guarantee seamless transmission of accurate, decision –ready, strategic information.

Sampling & Fieldwork Management

We have our foundation in sampling and fieldwork. Business samples are selected targeted by country and other desired characteristics. Amount and degree of fieldwork is decided and executed to collect relevant data.

Data Processing

The meticulously gathered data is discreetly analyzed at this stage. A combination of data processing tools are used for data checking, cleaning, weighing, re-formatting, OE coding draw useful business information.

Denouement Presentation

To help clients better understand the derived information and core conclusions, we present it in sophisticated form by creating meaningful tables, charts, graphs and reports.

Support & Further Development

Once the survey is completed, further waves are conducted if required. Additional support is always a request away.